Installing Pools on Sloping Backyards

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Just because you have a sloping backyard does not mean you can’t have your dream pool. In fact, some of the most striking pools make use of a slope.

It is however, important to seek expert advice when considering a pool for a sloping block. Luxe Pools are the experts installing fibreglass pools on sloping blocks. With over 20 years experience building custom homes in some of Melbourne’s hilliest areas, we have the knowledge and experience to create a stunning and cost effective pool on your sloping block.

We can offer our clients are range of solutions. Primarily there are two basic solutions for installing pools on sloped blocks; retaining walls or site work.

Pool installation sloping backyards

Looking to build a pool on a sloping block?

Luxe Pools have Melbourne & Geelong’s Best Prices

Retaining Walls For Pools

Interlocking Concrete Block

Interlocking concrete blocks are commonly used around swimming pools as they are an attractive and easy to install solution. They are dry stacked and then interlocked to create a solid retaining wall and are available in a range colours, shapes and sizes.

Natural stone, Brick or cinder block

Natural stone, brick or cinder block can also be used and are filled with grout or concrete and reinforced with rebar. Natural stone walls can be quite time consuming to construct but provide a more natural appearance. Whilst bricks can be used to match your home or existing paving and cinder blocks can be left natural or rendered.

Turndown Slab / Monolithic Pour

This type of retaining wall uses a concrete slab that remains level, getting thicker as it moves away from the slope. Compared to other retaining wall options, they can be inexpensive and easy to install. The can be painted and include texture and stamping. They are also easier to curve around the contours of your pool.

Wood / Sleepers

This is generally considered the most cost-effective retaining wall. They can use either wood or concrete sleepers are very quick to install.

Site Work For Pools

If your backyard has enough room, excavation can take place that can build up the lower areas. Depending on the soil type of your pool excavation, sometimes the soil from your home may not be suitable as it needs to be easily compacted and drain well. Rocks and plants can be incorporated to give it a much more natural appearance and reduce erosion.

Looking to build a pool on a sloping block?

Luxe Pools have Melbourne & Geelong’s Best Prices

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