Advantages of Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Finding the right pool for your family

Propspective pool buyers face a daunting task when trying to decide on the right pool for their budget and lifestyle. If you are trying to balance affordability, low ongoing maintenance and appearance; then we believe that high quality fibreglass pools are the best choice for Melbourne and Geelong families.
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Why fibreglass pools are the best choice for Melbourne families?

Lowest Ongoing Costs

Fibre glass pools are widely recognised as having the lowest ongoing costs of all pools. They require substantially less ongoing maintenance compared to concrete and vinyl liner pools, require less chemicals and are cheaper to heat. Due to our high quality finish, Luxe Pools should not require resurfacing in their lifetime.

Easier to Keep Clean

Due to their smooth, non-porous surface, Fibreglass pools are much more resistant to Algae and Bacteria than other pool types. If combined with a salt chlorinator which can significantly reduce your ongoing costs. Due to the high quality surface, the pool only needs basic care in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

Lower Heating Costs

Fibreglass is a good insulator and generally results in lower heating costs than concrete or vinyl lined pools. Fiberglass retains heat much longer than concrete and vinyl liner pools. The fiberglass shell insulates the heated water reducing heat loss to the cooler surrounding ground temperature. When combined with a quality insulated cover, it can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30%.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Periodic maintenance associated with resurfacing is elimated for most fibregalss pool shells. In contrast, vinyl liners need replacing with about 7 years and done for vinyl liner and concrete pools may need resurfacing and re-tiling within 10 years.

Faster to Construct

Fibreglass pools are the fastest to construct compared with other options.  You can be enjoying your fibreglass pool within two weeks time compared with concrete pools that could take months to finish

Strong and Flexible

Fibreglass is a strong and flexible material. All Luxe Pools use advanced marine technology are covered by a 25 year warranty. In the unlikely event that damage occurs, repairs are quite often less expensive and quicker than the other pool types.

Less Chemicals

Many pool owners are concerned about the effects and costs associated with pool chemicals. Fibreglass Pools allow owners to take advantage of the benefits of salt chlorinators. Salt-chlorinated pools provide lower ongoing costs, whilst also reducing the time involved in maintaining your pool. The water is softer and more refreshing than chlorinated water. Also, kids are much less likely to have sore eyes.

Non Skid & Rounded Edges

Our fibreglass pools are designed with non-abrasive with no sharp edges and a non-skid base on the step entry and floor. Unlike concrete pools, fibreglass pools have a greater algae resistance, further reducing the chances of accidental slipping.

Built in Steps & Ledges

Our pool safety features not only protect yourself and your loved ones, they also make maintenance a breeze. Smooth, non-abrasive surfaces with no sharp edges, step ledges and non-skid on the step entry and floors make for fun, easy and safe swimming.

Summer will be here before you know it!

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